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$ from $60 thousand - $10 million

Down Payment Percent:

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County affects transfer & recording tax, & prop tax if estimated. State prop tax (.112%) will also be added.

Transfer & Recording share

SPLIT 50 - 50     BUYER PAYS 100%

Occupancy & Buyer status

Owner Occupied - 1st time buyer
Owner Occupied - 2nd time buyer
Non owner occupied

If you selected a property, you can over-ride the estimates by entering actual amounts below.

Property Taxes (if you know an amt)

Yearly amt. Otherwise, values will be estimated.
$ leave zero unless known

Insurance (if you know an amt)

$ leave zero unless known

Lender Points

$ Recommend zero *

*Payment of lender fees/points usually takes eight to eleven years to recoup. Not the best use of buyer cash when cash is limited.

Interest Rate

Rate is used only to calculate 15 days of daily interest.