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Income Required for
Maryland Properties

(Works for other states as well, but you need to enter the annual property tax total.)

This should NOT be used if going CDA or using a grant due to the more restrictive qualfying ratios of these programs.

Sale Price:

$ Enter Sale Price.

Property Tax Amount:

$ Specific to this property

Select MD County if leaving taxes blank:

State prop tax (.112%) will also be added.

PROPERTY TAX: Don't know the taxes? Leave them at zero. Choose a county. Taxes will be estimated.

Interest Rate        Term


Make this the conventional rate. FHA rates average a half percent lower. System will cut this rate by 1/2 for FHA calcs.

Be safe and add a quarter percent to rates you see advertized. Leave Term at 30 to require the least income.

Condo / Assoc fees:

$ Condo or Pud monthly fee, if any.

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